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Tourism Sustainability Commitment Action Plan

NZ Anran Coach limited

NZ Anran Coach ltd committed to sustainability. The Company recognizes its responsibility to minimize negative impacts on human health and the environment while supporting a diverse, vibrant community and economy. The Company also understands that the types of products and services it buys in the industry chain have inherent social, human health, environmental and economic impacts, and that it should make procurement decisions that embody the Companies’ commitment to sustainability.

Commitment Actions we’re doing now Actions for within the next year Actions for within the next 3 years

1 Resilience – We are focused on long-term financial performance and resilience.

Review our version and mission which includeing sustainability- Create leading sustainable tourism business
Update our business plan and include short-term and longer-term goals
Develop a system to keep track of your finacies and analyse our financial report regularly.

Use a business analysis tool to assess our business and competitive environment. Incorporate this into our business plan.

-Understand our risk profile and plan accordingly
-Operate with good business ethics
-Include visitor, community and environmental metrics alongside your financial indicators and regularly report on thes as appropriate to staff, stakeholders, industry and the public.

2 Investment – We invest to create value and opportunities, and to drive sustainable practices.

We are preparing in place to prudently manage intangible and current assets

Undertake regular reviews of our company fixed assets, as part of our budget process
Make potential future invest in our long term business plan (considering how the investment will add to the quality and productivity of our business over time).
3 Innovation – We innovate to solve problems, create new ways to do things and increase productivity.
Develop a plan to work with others  to address seasonality/dispersal such as RTO and Green Drinks
Incorporate regular product, pricing and marketing into our ‘business as usual’. Develop a product offering and strategy to attract domestic customers Get involved with sector / regional or other peer groups.
Attend conference and events to get ideas and keep up with trends.
Make innovation a core part of your business planning and product development processes.

4 Visitor Satisfaction – We strive to always meet or exceed visitor expectations.
Have systems in place to undertake visitor satisfaction monitoring, evaluation and reporting, and use the results to improve the visitor experience.
Measure visitor satisfaction.
Act appropriately on feedback from our visitors. Measure visitor satisfaction.
Act appropriately on feedback from our visitors. Monitor our Net promoter score

5 Culture and Heritage – We incorporate Aotearoa New Zealand’s culture and heritage as part of delivering a unique and authentic visitor experience.

Learn  the culture and heritage of the place in which you operate.
Review your visitor experience, ensuring you encompass the values of Kaitiakitanga (guardianship), Manaakitanga (hospitality) and Whanaungatanga (relationships and shared experiences).

Use visitor feedback to ensure your storytelling is resulting in an outstanding visitor experience.
Find a way to work with our community to continue to collect and tell stories
6 Visitor Engagement – We engage with visitors about how to be great travellers within Aotearoa New Zealand.
Integrate the Tiaki Promise into your business to educate visitors about how to travel responsibly in New Zealand. Engage with our visitors to understand their cultural backgrounds and needs. Provide our visitors with opportunities to engage with and enrich the communities they visit and interact with
7 Employer of Choice – We attract, support and develop the workforce we need to flourish and succeed.
Ensure we’re an inclusive employer, and employ New Zealanders where they are available.

Make a plan towards paying at least the living wageto all staff. This should include an analysis of the market to ensure the salaries you offer for all positions are competitive. Be an inclusive employer and celebrate the diversity of your workforce. Ensure our policies reflect this.

Utilise existing programmes (such as Go with Tourism ) to attract and retain talent. Focus on employing New Zealanders where they’re available. Offer professional development opportunities to your staff and have a training and development plan for everyone in your team.
Investigate how we can become recognised as an employer of choice
8 Community Engagement – We actively and positively engage with the communities in which we operate, taking a leadership role to champion causes that are important to the community.

Include a proportion of donated products /services in our budget each year. volunteer to help a community or environmental cause.
Work with other businesses or groups on areas of most need in the community.

Introduce an internship, work experience programme or community open day.

Promote local causes that need funding or vlunteer
Develop plans to provide structure to community engagement and focus effort on the most needed areas

Measure the impact of your community engagement activities and use this insight to deepen your contribution.
9 Sustainable Supply Chains – We have socially and environmentally sustainable supply chains.

Complete an audit to understand your supplier chain from a social and environmental perspective.
Develop a sustainable procurement/purchaseing policy including the sourcing of goods locally, where possible.

Talk about our aim to achieve a sustainable supply chain, including telling stories about the great work our suppliers are doing.
Actively work with our supply chain and other businesses where appropriate, to ensure a totally sustainable supply chain.

10 Restoring Nature – We contribute to protecting and enhancing Aotearoa New Zealand’s environment, including water, biodiversity, landscapes and clean air.
Identify andsupport a community planting, conservation or environmental restoration project
Take actions to engage with staff and the community on the importance of restoring nature.
Include environmental information in your visitor experience.
Incorporate enhancing and protecting nature as part of our business plan and have reporting measures for the actions you take.
11 Carbon Reduction – We act urgently to contribute to Aotearoa New Zealand’s transition to a net zero carbon economy. make sure our footprint using a carbon calculator.
Set carbon reductiontargets and make a plan to achieve these.
Implement a sustainable transportation plan
Explore collaboration with others to accelerate carbon reduction actions or technologies.
Become a Carbon neutral or carbon positive business by offsetting emissions which can’t be reduced further

12 Eliminating Waste – We take responsibility for the entire life cycle of products and services we use and ultimately eliminate the waste associated with these. Make a plan to monitor and control the wateryou use to avoid waste.
Ensure our suppliers are aware of our sustainable purchasing policy  Incorporate thelife cycle of products into all our purchasing decisions. Become a zero waste business.
Have a circular business model.

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